The Dome Construction Manual

45 years of experience distilled into a clean, easy-to-reason-about format

The dome manual brings together 45 years of dome construction to an easy to understand format for those with little or no knowledge of geometry or trigonometry. It describes the construction of a dodecahedron geodesic dome that can be built by a random individual with only basic skills in carpentry.

The manual describes in the simplest detail how to manufacture and erect this dome. There are no exotic pieces or exotic tools needed. All the parts are available at any big box store or in the debris of a hurricane. Tools needed to manufacture the dome consists of a jig saw, a miter saw, a drill press or some version of them. Many snags, pitfalls, and problems have been anticipated, but more are bound to arise. Please pass these instances forward to help provide further clarity in future revisions.

The manual is full of illustrations and simple drawings of struts and hubs. The dome is secured together with wooden pegs and there are pictures to help.

Over 60 pages ensure that many questions are answered. Every attempt has been made to keep this manual in a state that does not become too inflated with extraneous jargon or crippling solutions that are at best superfluous.

The manual is available in PDF format for $100. After completing your purchase, an automated email with a download link will be sent to the email you provide during checkout.

The manual can also be printed and bound (as seen in the photo above) for an additional $30 bringing a manuals cost to $130. If you prefer to purchase a physical copy, the purhcase must be made through PayPal - Please include your mailing address in the notes on PayPal.

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